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Hair Refresher is a dry shampoo. Absorbs excess sebum and leaves the hair clean. It will not leave the residue and no weight, makes the volume. It can quickly clean any hair type. This recipe is for the cleanliness of the hair in the absence of water, such as pregnant women, postpartum mothers, injured people…etc. With natural active ingredients such as rice starch, having highly hydrating and absorption properties. Hair will become soft and fragrant like just washed.



  • Phenyl Trimethicone - makes the hair shine
  • Rice starch - absorbs the excess sebum

Davines Hair Refresher (Dry Shampoo) 150 ml

SKU: 1201RFDS150
  • Shake the spray and use onto dry hair at a distance of about 20 cm.
  • Leave on for about 1 minute
  • comb though the hair or shake the hair by hands.
  • In order to have more volume blow-dry with air.
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Davines Alchemic marine blue conditioner

Already used half
Great for conditioning my fade out highlights



Davines Essential Hair Care SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

Smell Good!! and it works to cleanse my scalp.


Gary. H

Davines Purifying洗頭水

跟住使用方法用左2星期,頭瘡都謝左 👌🏼


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