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Davines Naturaltect Replumping Shampoo.

The selected active ingredients give elasticity, moisturize, and protect hair during cleansing. The creamy texture produces thick, rich foam.

It cleanses gently without altering hair structure. Suitable for dry scalp and dehydrated hair.


The formulas are enriched with plum phytoceuticals, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, precious anti-oxidant substances that combat free radicals and have tonifying and elasticizing properties.


  • Hair appears thicker, fuller and is protected from breakage.
  • Without parabens and sulfates

Davines Naturaltech Replumping Shampoo 250ml

SKU: 1201NTRP250
  • Apply to scalp and damp hair and massage gently.
  • Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
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