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Wella professional hair Color mixed for your Individual need.

Colors mixed and repacked in a tube, simply squeeze the hair Color into the Color developer container and stir or shake them until completely blended.

Following your personalizing instruction to apply to your hair.


How to make your custom colors?

Fill out your hair color profile here.

Let us know what kind of hair color you want to do.


What's in the box?

Your Color kit contains custom formulated hair color, Color developer, hair Color brush, shampoo and conditioner for after Color, latex gloves, stain guard ( protect your skin), stain remover ( remove the Color stain on your skin), Color gown ( protect your body), and your personalized instruction.


How do I know how many grams do I need to get?

Click here for more information.

Hair Color Kit - Cover Grey Hair

Hair Color Brush

◆ Every tube of Hair Color is 25g.

◆ Only One Color Developer container in a Color Kit Box. Please write down remarks if you need to separate bottles for use.

  • 25g hair color + 25g color developer
  • 50g hair color + 50g color developer 
  • 75g hair color + 75g color developer
  • 100g hair color + 100g color developer 
  • 125g hair color + 125g color developer 
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