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"Fortune Cookies" For You. Have A Wonderful Holidays

This year, we hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

EHD x SOULS.OUT_BAKERY x ONFELL.DIY_HK Accessories, we have a Holiday Gift for you if purchase HKD$280 get 1 Fortune Cookie, purchase HKD$500 get 2 Fortune Cookies.

Our world is changing quickly, global warming is affecting all of us. So, don't waste the cookies.

Bakery..Hair Products...Wooden D.I.Y. Accessories... What is in between of them?

Fortune Cookies Promotion_ehd
Fortune Cookies Promotion

"Fortune Cookies" have something in between the cookies as well. Full of discounts, surprises, and love from us!

Purchase HKD$280 get 1 Fortune Cookie

Purchase HKD$500 get 2 Fortune Cookies

Get some Fortune Cookies NOW!

Enjoy the love from us. Send us the lucky notes and redeem the discount on our IG store or enter the discount code on the website when checking out.

Hurry up and call your friends, and family to join🌟Save "luck” for next year. 🌟Gift randomly🌟


"Fortune Cookie" gift date:

28 NOV - 31 DEC 2023

Date of use: 28 NOV 2023 - 16 FEB 2024

@souls.out_bakery 10 DEC 2023 - 9 FEB 2024

@onfeel.diy_hk 10 DEC 2023 - 9 FEB 2024

**The Discount Code from "Fortune Cookies" might not be used during other Promotions.

**Please check with the IG POST of the three different stores for discount details**

**We have the right to make changes anytime and all rights reserved**