EasyHairDye aims to help you color your hair easier, we are according to your past hair dye histories, different needs, different hair type...to provide the hair color which is the most suitable for you.

Technology growth fasts, and it is convenient for us, but it also brings us busier life.

24 hours receiving emails and messages, take time to reply, long-time work, not enough time for sleep, so how can we have time to go to the hair salon for hair coloring?

When talking with salon’s customers, we realized that they would love to do their hair color at home sometime, busy life makes them no time to go to the hair salon, and always asks for the same question... Where can I get the professional hair color? How to mix different hair colors to be my hair color?

Our hairstylist team has been working in the hair industry for nearly 20 years in Hong Kong's high-end hair salons, and world-renowned brand hair salon -Toni&Guy.

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