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What's in this Luna New Year on EHD?We got this from Souls.out_bakery

Chinese New Year is approaching soon. Do you usually give food as a gift during the holiday? Have you ever thought of giving hair products as a gift? The gift should be enjoyable for the whole family. This year, there are still Davines Holiday Gift Boxes available. Additionally, you can check out @Souls.out_Bakery's Mini Mandarin Butter Cookie Gift Box.


You can purchase an additional item for $88 with any purchase at EHD. Maximum 4 items per account when checking out. You can find this at the bottom of the page.
Purchased individually for $108 each.

We're excited to inform you that your product will be carefully hand-made, and shipped within 2-5 working days, along with the entire order. If you have any questions or need separate orders, please don't hesitate to contact us; we'll be happy to help you!

*Please note: The products are provided by @souls.out_bakery. For any after-sales inquiries, please contact @souls.out_bakrey. We at EHD can assist but will not be responsible for any after-sales inquiries and services.