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About Davines

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family

Committed to development in recent years - sustainable, biodegradable, natural, and recyclable.

Davines Village
  • The collaboration with Slow Food begins.

  • obtains the BCorp certification.

  • Davines becomes a Benefit Corporation.

Davines Village

  • Garden of medicinal plants: it contains the plants present in Davines formulas, such as Echinacea, Agastache Mexicana, Mirabilis Jalapa, and many more.

  • Garden of tinting plants: it hosts the tinting plants used to produce natural colors.

Different series of Davines, satisfy your different needs.

Discover Davines series

#1: Essential Haircare

#2: Alchemic

#3: Naturaltech

#4: Authentic

#5: The Circle Chronicles

#6: More Inside


#1: Davines - Essential Haircare

sustainable beauty

Each product family is enriched with an active ingredient sourced from Italian Slow Food Presidia farms, helping to contribute to the biodiversity of the planet.

Davines Essential Haircare natural ingredientd from Slow Food Presidia farms
Davines Essential Haircare natural ingredientd from Slow Food Presidia farms
  • Active ingredient from an Italian Slow Food Presidium

  • Sustainable packaging - 100% of Davines packaging is carbon offset.

  • Essential Haircare is made with high percentages of natural and biodegradable ingredients— minimizing environmental impact.

  • Sulfate and paraben-free.

  • eco-friendly ingredients and packaging

#2: Davines - Alchemic

Davines Alchemic Originals pure pigments color Shampoos and Conditioner
Davines - Alchemic Originals

Alchemic is a system of shampoos and conditioners with pure pigments that can intensify and brighten both natural and cosmetic colors.

Beautiful color through pure pigments.


Alchemic system covers a different range of hair colors. Icy platinum blondes can avoid brassiness with Alchemic Silver, dark brunettes can add rich, never-dull tones with Alchemic Chocolate, and vibrant cool reds are boosted with Alchemic Copper.

Davines Alchemic Creative Color Conditioners
Davines - Alchemic Cretive Conditioner


Pink, Coral, Lavender, Marine Blue, and Teal Blue. Perfect for those who are fed up with their everyday hair color and want to play with pastel or vivid shades.

To be used in salon and at home on light blonde natural hair and lightened hair up to a platinum blonde.

- Boost tones of cosmetic color

- Extend the life of your color between color services

#3: Davines - Naturaltech

All Naturaltechproducts are created through a harmonious combination of three elements: Nature, Man and Technology. The name itself was chosen as an expression of our values: technology, wisely applied to nature, enables us to obtain qualitative formulations with the utmost respect for the Planet.

Whether you're dealing with an excessively oily scalp or hormonal hair loss, the families

Davines Naturaltech

of Naturaltech have been formulated to prevent and support in case of the most common scalp and hair conditions.

Organic natural molecules

Naturaltech formulas contain phytoceuticals, powerful molecules derived from plants (“Phyto” in Greek means plant).

Davines Naturaltech
Davines Naturaltech

The beneficial effects that phytoceuticals have on the body is known since ancient times: they are biologically active compounds that provide defence as well as antioxidants, also recommended in presence of inflammation. All phytoceuticals used in Naturaltech formulations are certified organic by ICEA (Italian Authority for organic certification) and are of European origin.

#4: Davines - Authentic

Multifunction for hair, face and body

Davines Authentic 98-100% naturally derived ingreddients
Davines Authentic

Natural ingredients and formulated to use on the hair, face, and body.

Akin to the natural remedies used to treat everything from scrapes to household spills.

Sustainable formulas

Authentic Formulas products contain between 98-100% naturally derived ingredients, and biodegradable surfactants, and have been dermatologically tested for use on even the most delicate skin and hair.

Organic oils

Davines Authentic products contain organically-cultivated actives such as shea butter, jojoba, sesame, sunflower, and carthame oil. Rich in vitamins and with strong antioxidant properties, carthame oil in particular is a deeply nourishing and regenerating boost for your hair and skin.

#5: Davines - The Circle Chronicles

A hair mask for every occasion

Davines The Circle Chronicles Hair Mask
Davines - The Circle Chronicles

The 7 unique hair masks in The Circle Chronicles line deliver fast and targeted resultscovering every need from deep nourishment with The Renaissance Circle, to detoxifying

power with The Purity Circle.

Designed to seamlessly work with your life and individual needs. Resealable for multiple uses and perfectly-sized for travel, they make masking easy.

#6: More Inside

Everything for your styling

Davines More Inside Hair Styling Products
Davines More Inside

More Inside is a range of versatile, essential styling products for every kind of look.

Designed to either be used on their own or layered together, they are all formulated to enhance styling and finishing performance. No matter which products you use, the result is defined, bouncy hair, with minimum product residue.

#7: Heart of glass


Blue shampoo and conditioner to highlight your blonde

Davines Heart Of Glass for Blonde Hair Natural Blue Pigment
Davines Heart Of Glass

Both shampoo and conditioner have a very peculiar color: indigo blue. In order to get that color, used the natural extract of Jagua, a fruit that is sustainably grown in Columbia to preserve the biodiversity.

It also revives the natural blonde hair’s shine, which could be under attack from the sun, the salt, the chlorine, or the limescale, potentially losing gloss and vitality.

#8: SU

Protect your hair from the sun

Davines SU Protect from the Sun
Davines SU

BEFORE SUN EXPOSURE - While SU Hair Milk is great for use both before and after sun exposure, it's ideal to use as a preventative treatment.

- It protects the hair thanks to anti-UV-A and UV-B filters, preventing it from drying out and becoming damaged by the sun’s rays.

- Use it after sun exposure as an additional conditioning treatment after SU Hair & Body wash.

AFTER SUN EXPOSURE - SU Hair & Body wash is a hydrating shampoo that moisturizes your hair and skin after being outside

- Hair damaged by the sun, chlorine, and salt can use the SU Hair mask as a restorative and hydrating anti-aging treatment

-SU Aftersun is a soothing, mineral-rich gel that moisturizes and restores the skin's hydration levels after sun exposure

#9: Liquid Spell

Reinforcing Bodyfing Fluid

Liquid Spell creates body and strength for sensitized or fine hair.

Davines Liquid Spell creates body and strengthen
Davines Liquid Spell

The liquid formula turns into a soft mousse for quick and easy application, as the heat-activated molecules in the formula compact the cuticle. Stronger and more compact hair can hold shapes and maintain volume for longer.

Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid can be used in combination with any of your usual hair care products, just ensure that you’re applying it after any product intended for scalp treatment and before hair treatments or styling products.

Liquid Spell is especially effective when combined with other Davines products to form a "concentrate" — ex. Applying OI All In One Milk after Liquid Spell gives your hair additional silkiness, detangling power, and smoothness.

#10 A Single Shampoo

A Single Shampoo is Davines most significant effort to combine a professional quality

Davines A Single Shampoo
Davines A Single Shampoo

formula with the highest levels of sustainability.

This surfactant derived from vegetal oil has a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and characteristics similar to the sebaceous substances produced naturally by the hair, for a delicate and at the same time effective cleaning.

A Single Shampoo can be used daily on all types of hair, guaranteeing gentle cleansing, hydration and elasticity.

#11 Pasta & Love

Shaving and Hair Styling

Here is the first Davines line that is dedicated to shaving and hair styling: for the man who

Davines Pasta & Love Shavine and Hair Styling
Davines Pasta & Love

likes living the good life and looking after themselves, women also can use hair styling, because the smell is not cologne, smelling fresh. Carving out high-quality time in the madness of everyday life. A man who celebrates the beauty of life in every corner of the world.


The top notes are a fresh nod to scents of the Mediterranean: lemon, bergamot, and orange blossom. Notes of iris and patchouli follow, making the scent lively and soft at the same time.


The extract is made from the fruit of the Alchechengi, a plant native to Brazil. The extraction takes place through the green technology method, which allows you to have an even purer concentrate and a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional methods.

#12 OI

Absolute Beauty

OI 產品適合所有類型的頭髮,。具有非凡的光澤和柔軟度

Davines 的暢銷產品,屢獲殊榮的系列,注入了Roucou油。

Davines OI Products

OI 產品適合所有類型的頭髮,具有非凡的光澤和柔軟度。

Formulated with Roucou oil, the products give extraordinary shine and softness to any kind of hair. For softer and smoother skin, you can also complement your daily haircare routine with both an anti-aging hand cream and a moisturizing body wash.

The name OI comes from the ancient Eastern idea of harmony through the balance of opposite forces. In an effort to create balance between the senses, mulitple benefits, and effectiveness, OI lets you see immediate positive results from your first use.

Information from Davines

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