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Davines The Forest Keeper 2023

Davines x EHD

The Forest Keeper EHDxDavines

Things happen all over the world - wildfires, super typhoons, severe floods. Forests are an important part of the fight against global warming.

DAVINES are the guardians of the forest, are you?

DAVINES is pleased to announce that each of you can #becomeaforestguardian and join DAVINES’ tree planting activities 🌿

How to participate? During the event, if you purchase SU/Sunny series products at EHD, One Tree Planted will receive donations to support regional tree planting operations.

And every order containing Davines SU/Sunshine series products will come with 2 pieces of travel size. For other Davines products, get a travel size when you spend $200 or more.

**While supplies last! September 26th - October 4th

Let us work together to protect our most precious asset - the life and health of the planet 🌎

Support the Davines tree planting initiative.