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Wella SP Balance Scalp Lotion soothes and conditions sensitive scalps.

Alcohol and Fragrance-free relieve tension and calms irritated scalps with a soothing formula. Enriched with Zinc Pyriothon Complex, delicately balances and soothes the scalp whilst helps to strengthen thinning hair and reduce hair loss.

Reduces itchiness in flaky and irritated scalps for renewed health and vitality.

Also can be used before coloring or after coloring.

Wella SP Balance Scalp Lotion 125ml

SKU: 1403BLSCL125
  • Apply directly onto scalp in pre-shampooed towel-dried hair or dry hair.
  • Or Apply before coloring , use hair dryer to make the hair dry before applying hair color. 
  • Gently massage in.
  • Do not rinse out.
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