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Invisible mask for those who want to take care of their hair whilst carrying out other activities. It gives body and elasticity protecting the hair from mechanical breakages, such as friction with hair clips and elastics.


  • Colorless invisible mask to be applied also during sports activities. 
  • Anti-breakage and volumizing action. 
  • It protects from the mechanical damage caused by elastics and hair clips. 
  • It gives elasticity to the hair stressed by an active lifestyle. 
  • Without silicons, without artificial colors.

Davines THE CIRCLE CHRONICLES - The Restless Circle Hair Mask 50ml

SKU: 1203CCRLC50
  • Apply the mask (The Restless Circle) to dried hair as a pre-shampoo treatment for lengths and ends.
  • Use a small amount of product spreading it evenly through the hair. 

For smooth hair -

  • it is advisable to comb the hair after applying the mask to spread the product better and maximize the transparent effect. 

For wavy or curly hair -

  • it is advisable to work the hair with the fingers to better define curls. 


  • Apply to dried hair as a pre-shampoo treatment and leave to process for at least 15 minutes.
  • Since it is invisible, processing times can be extended to increase effectiveness and to carry on one’s daily routines. It can be used also during the night.


  • Rinse off “The Restless Circle” with water, then apply the usual shampoo and conditioner.
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